Our History

The City is divided into 25 Wards, or local government areas. Each Ward elects an Alderman every six years and several Common Councilmen every four years. They collectively form the 125 strong Common Council which runs The City.

Typically, each of these areas has a Ward Club whose members support their elected representatives and run social programmes for their Ward members.

Formed in 1877, originally for a similar purpose, the United Wards Club is different. Our members come from across the whole City, and although the Club does provide a forum for the debate of common issues, it doesn’t involve itself in the political activities of individual Wards. We are now strictly a social organisation, with all members having a strong interest in upholding the City’s traditions and reputation.

The Club has a long and illustrious history which is of interest to a wide variety of individuals, social researchers and historians. The Clubs historical records have been archived and are held by the Metropolitan Archive. They can be accessed, free of charge here